The Volunteer agrees to be bound and comply with all of the same terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions.


Event organizers: No organizers or volunteers of TEDxMississauga may be speakers at events to which they contribute. This restriction does not include speaking on stage for the purposes of introducing speakers or other organizing-related tasks.


Payment: No volunteer shall be paid for any activity involving TEDxMississauga. 


Diligence: The volunteer agrees to faithfully discharge all duties and reasonable requests made by the TEDxMississauga organizing team. 


Integrity: The volunteer explicitly agrees to submit an application to volunteer at TEDxMississauga for the purpose of assisting and aiding the efforts of TEDxMississauga and explicitly not for the purpose of gaining free admission to the event. 


Expenses: TEDxMississauga shall only reimburse volunteers for reasonable expenses and at the sole discretion of TEDxMississauga. 


Insurance and Liability: Volunteers acknowledge and agree that TEDxMississauga does not carry insurance for any loss or injury to volunteers, and the volunteers consents to such risk, and wholly releases and holds harmless TEDxMississauga, KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation and all organizers of the event of any and all liability. 


Exclusion: TEDxMississauga reserves the right to exclude any volunteer from the event at the discretion of TEDxMississauga. 


Training and Meetings: The volunteer agrees to faithfully and punctually attend all training sessions and volunteer meetings.


These policies are subject to change without notice, and the volunteer agrees to abide by all TEDxMississauga policy and procedures. 


Volunteer Policy