Performance Policy

The performer(s) agree to be bound by and comply with the same terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions.


Payment: No performer shall be paid for any activity involving TEDxMississauga. No person is permitted to pay to be included in the program. 


Sponsorship: No performer may sponsor TEDxMississauga. 


Filming: All recordings of the performance by the performer(s) at TEDxMississauga shall be exclusively owned by KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation. 


Cooperation and Conduct: TEDxMississauga reserves the right restrict the performer(s) access to the event and or take any other reasonable step in the event that, in the view of TEDxMississauga, the performer(s) has engaged in rude, inappropriate, aggressive or unprofessional behavior towards any member of TEDxMississauga, attendee, sponsor, partner or other involved in the Event. The Speaker agrees to cooperate with any reasonable request made by TEDxMississauga, TED or any licensee, agent or employee of TED or TEDxMississauga.


Integrity: The performer(s) shall not perform any act at the event that could be construed as obscene, racist, sexist, overly sexual or inappropriate. Whether acts constitute obscene, racist, sexist, overly sexual or inappropriate content shall be at the discretion of TEDxMississauga. 


TED vs. TEDx: No performer shall made any representations to the public that they are performing at "TED". TEDxMississauga is an independently organized TED event, and is not organized or operated by TED Conferences LLC. All representations to the public shall clarify that the performer's performance was for the purposes of "TEDxMississauga 2017". 


Expenses: TEDxMississauga shall not reimburse the performer(s) for expenses.

Insurance and Liability: Performer acknowledge and agree that TEDxMississauga does not carry insurance for any loss or injury to Performers, and the Performers consents to such risk, and wholly releases and holds harmless TEDxMississauga, KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation and all organizers of the event of any and all liability. 

Exclusion: TEDxMississauga reserves the right to exclude any Performer from the event at the discretion of TEDxMississauga.