Ideas Worth Spreading

TED Talks are about ideas. TEDx conferences channel the spirit of TED, curating a mix of pre-recorded TED Talks and original, local voices. TEDxMississauga is an independently organized TED-like experience, curating and amplifying local ideas for a global audience, and connecting local and global TEDx communities. 

How are speakers chosen?

TEDxMississauga speakers are chosen through a highly curated process that takes into consideration ideas, speaker styles, and the flow of the day. We measure applications by the power of the idea and whether the TEDxMississauga platform can help propel the idea forward. 

What ideas are we looking for?

  • Something that’s new and surprising—an idea or invention that our audience has never heard about.

  • Ideas that need to be defended—not something self-evident, but an interesting argument, perhaps with an antagonist.

  • A great basic idea (that our audience has maybe already heard) with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives (e.g., a scientific discovery that changes how we think about frogs, a philosophical argument that reshapes our notions of friendship, etc.).

  • Reconceptions of "normal" that shake the status quo, moving us forward in good ways

  • Outside-the-box ways of thinking, multidisciplinary collaboration

  • Our city has declared a state of Climate Emergency; there's a Climate Change Action Plan here.  We need solutions - do you have an idea?

In other words, an idea isn’t just a story or a list of facts. A good idea takes certain evidence or observations and draws a larger conclusion. Watch Chris Anderson’s video to better understand how we think about ideas.

We also seek artistic and musical performances as an integral part of our events. Previous performers have included: spoken word poets, singers and musicians, dancers, magicians and comedians.

Want to be a TEDxMississauga Speaker? It's best to focus on the idea you want to spread. First, read the TEDx speaker guidelines here. Then read about the types of talks that make a TEDx Talk here.

Now that you know the guidelines and basics, here are some tips for a standout idea submission.

Create a draft document.

  • Give your idea in a clear and compelling way. Don’t tease us. Make sure anyone who reads your submission could easily repeat the central idea in a sentence or two.

  • While you are an expert on this subject, submission readers and the TEDxMississauga audience probably won’t be. Write to make your idea accessible to the audience and to us. Make the complex plain. Don’t speak in abstractions. Be specific. Give examples. Tell stories and use emotion to help us connect with your idea.

  • Keep in mind the TEDxMississauga audience is a broad cross-section of the public – everyone from students to world leaders. They all have one thing in common: the desire to expand their minds with new ideas. Help the audience have a great experience by making your idea relevant to them. Help them understand why your idea matters in their lives.

  • Please don’t mention any product or company names – not even non-profits. Promotion is not allowed as part of a TEDx Talk.

Include these points in the submission form.

  • Tell us why this idea needs to be heard by this audience, at this moment.

  • Let us know why you want to deliver this talk. What is it in your background or experience that makes you the best choice to share this idea?

  • Remember that you’re one of many submitting talks, so we may receive similar ideas from other applicants. The best way to distinguish your submission is to make the idea clear.

Be aware of the general rules.

  • You don’t have to be a professional speaker to be selected. Our curatorial team will work with you to make your talk come alive.

  • Watch lots and lots of TED and TEDx videos but, more importantly, before you write your draft read lots of talks. Every TED Talk has a transcription below it. Consider reading it before watching the talk.

  • We discourage talks that could be categorized as self-help or motivational.

  • We welcome submissions from diverse communities, so please encourage friends and colleagues to apply.

Here's how to apply to speak... nominate the idea:

  • If self-nominating, consider recording a 90 second video introducing your idea. 

  • 200 words or less Idea Statement. 

  • 2-3 links to relevant articles, papers, videos, etc which will help establish your credibility in this field.

  • 2-3 links to information that will help the committee better understand your talk idea.

Hold tight - submission form will be right here... soon.
(keep working on that idea :))