Craig Gibson

Craig Gibson has won eight awards in information security and a nomination for Fraud Examiner of the Year 2018. As a United Nations Delegate to China he presented research on 5G Telecommunications, IoT, 9-1-1, Public Safety, Payment Cards, the security of voice services, Call Center authentication (cost reduction), Criminal Code issues relating to fraud and unlawful interception of communications.


Craig has spoken on national infrastructure security topics to diplomats visiting Canada, public safety officials, police executives, and military officials. Craig’s technology projects have involved more than four dozen countries and up to two dozen companies at once. Craig was a Chief Security Architect for multi-billion dollar projects and multi-trillion-dollar-plus financial portfolios. Craig has served on many Boards of Directors and was CEO of a security strategy company for 10 years.


Craig’s research is in 5G and 5G Machine Learning (Security Orchestration), Telecom, Satellite, Banking and Money Laundering, and Privacy vs Surveillance. Craig is an advisor to governments, banks, telcos, and groups such as Europol and United Nations.